Charities Management and Donations

Mana Apps offers its integrated system to the non-profit sector to improve the management and organization of charity activities. The system is aimed at simplifying administrative processes and increasing efficiency in achieving charitable goals , it is based on supporting needy groups and implementing various development and social projects. The system is directly based on the performance and interaction of two main parties:

Beneficiaries management

This section includes individuals and groups that benefit from the services and programs of charities. This includes (the poor, orphans, the sick, and the needy)

The primary goal of charities is to improve their quality of life and provide them with the necessary support

1- Registration of data

Registration of beneficiary data with ease through the system, as it allows charities to enter and update beneficiaries ' data (Name - family name -family members - email - phone number - bank account number) quickly and accurately.

This information can be used to better direct aid and ensure that the real needs of beneficiaries are better met.
Stages of accreditation:
- Initial registration.
- Adoption of a new beneficiary.
- Desk audit of data.
- Visits.

2- Dashboard

The Dashboard provides you with comprehensive access to all beneficiary data and stages of their accreditation in the charity ,This tool enables you to view and manage beneficiaries ' information in an organized manner, including personal, social, financial and other information. It also allows the association to track the progress and development of beneficiaries.

3- Direct communication ( link with Whatsapp )

Stay in direct contact with the beneficiaries and provide immediate support to them.
By connecting with the WhatsApp application, it is now possible for beneficiaries to interact with the association's team easily. They can ask their inquiries and report their problems directly, which contributes to the effective satisfaction of their needs.

4- Identify the needs of the beneficiary

Determining the needs of beneficiaries, whether financial or in kind, also includes determining the percentage of need and the stage of need accurately to ensure the provision of support effectively.

Donors Management

These are individuals or institutions that provide the necessary funding and resources to support the activities and projects of charities. Those donations can be cash or in kind and come from various sources. Donors contribute to the financing of charitable activities and ensure their continuity .

1- Adding donor data

This data includes personal (name - phone number - ID number ) and financial information about donors, and can be used to communicate with them and manage their relationships.

2- Add a donation request

Through an easy-to-use interface, donors can add their information including their name and the amount they wish to donate. Donors can also specify the frequency of donation, whether it is (monthly – annually-quarterly-weekly). With the choice of the beneficiary they would like to support.

3- Online invoices

After the donation process and the creation of a donation receipt, they can be transferred to the accounting unit for billing and management of the accounting registration of donations. This process is important to ensure that donations are documented and recorded accurately in the financial records.

Fundraising campaigns

Add donation campaigns and donation products in an easy and accessible way.
Through the system, campaign managers can specify all the details of the campaign, including the name of the campaign, its details, the target amount of donations, and the campaign period.After the formation of this information, the campaign is clearly and attractively advertised on the website dedicated to fundraising.

Secure Dashboard

The dashboard includes all campaigns in their various states, and provides a comprehensive overview of the completeness of the required quantity and campaign details, including the name of the administrator.

- Website

When the data is completed to start the donation campaign, it is announced on the website, this will give donors a valuable opportunity to add the amount they want to donate with ease.
Donors can fill in the information and specify the proposed amount for donation by simply visiting the campaign page on the site.

Charities Management system

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