Car rental system 

Manan Apps offers its integrated fleet management system and car rental operations effectively. The system includes various aspects of rental management, including booking cars through the website , issuing contracts , delivery reports , Geo-tracking, online invoice extraction, and monitoring regular maintenance and the condition of cars in real-time.
This system contributes to automating, monitoring and organizing the work of car rental companies efficiently and professionally.

Rent car management features

Rental automation

The system provides full automation of rent operations through customer self-service, online booking and payment, issuing a rent contract and pricing in an easy and fast way to increase productivity and adjust business efficiency and facilitate it.

Link with GPS

Geo-tracking, monitoring and positioning of the car fleet using GPS .
Issuing inspection reports automatically for delivery and receipt
Issuing and saving inspection reports include the items included in the list, which contains the normative items that need to be examined. In addition, the report makes it possible to add any notes that are not mentioned in the checklist and examination.


Allows adjusting the most complex Price and rent equations by Time (number of days, hours ...), Destination, type of trip, specific date or class of car and others .

Fleet management

Follow-up inspection and regular maintenance of cars automatically and calculate Profit, Loss, depreciation and commissions reports for each car in detail

Online billing

Issuing tax invoices automatically and smoothly to document all amounts due for payment by customers based on the quotation and contract.

Control panel

A comprehensive control panel for all vehicles in various situations, providing a centralized interface for managing and monitoring the vehicle fleet . This panel allows real-time monitoring of the status and information of each vehicle in the fleet.

Best fleet rental system

- Add new vehicle / car .

Add all the information about the vehicle. This information includes:

Vehicle number.
miles travelled .
It can be rented until the vehicle appears in the list that can be rented.

Car rental data

Through this window you can enter all the rental data :

Customer name.
Completion date.
Choosing a price list by country and currency.
Payment terms (daily-monthly-other ).
The possibility of sending a quotation by e-mail.

- Create invoices

Using this window, you can create an invoice with the following data (customer name-invoice date-due date). And sent to the client for e-signature, which guarantees the rights of all parties and avoids the loss of paper invoices. After that, the car is received and the status of the vehicle changes to received.

- Vehicle inspection

Periodic inspection of the car upon receipt and return , as it is an important procedure to monitor and ensure the safety and quality of the car before and after use. Where you can view and confirm all the items and extract a report that includes the results of the examination.

Choosing the type of inspection (car receipt Inspection – Car return inspection).
The name of the employee who carried out the inspection .
Car counter.
After that, select proceed or fail from the checklist based on each item of the car inspection with the possibility of lifting the document or drawing the damaged part by clicking on (drawing car parts).

- inspection list

This window is a reference for the various inspections carried out on the fleet, it is determined by the date, the person who carried out the inspection and the type of inspection.

- Vehicle tracking

When you configure the geo-tracking feature by settings, the location of the car with latitude and longitude coordinates will be shown directly automatically.

You can find out all the locations of your fleet cars from the control panel with the possibility of displaying them in Google Maps by pressing the map and display button in Google Maps.

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About Mana Apps

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Mana Apps offers intelligent management systems and solutions for various businesses, specially built to save time and effort and increase revenues and profits .

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