Administrative Communications and Approvals System

Mana Apps offers the administrative communication and approval system, which is an integrated system used in the management of organizations to facilitate internal communication processes and facilitate the approval of decisions.


  • The system can manage documents electronically, which facilitates collaboration and sharing between team members.
  • It supports digital signature, which enhances security and reduces approval periods.
  • It facilitates the sequence of actions and approvals required for signing documents.
  • Specify specific permissions for users, which determines who can access information and edit documents.
  • It provides a system for exchanging alerts and notifications, which facilitates communication processes and speeds up approval processes.
  • It can be integrated with many other applications, such as CRM or project management systems, to achieve an integrated and comprehensive user experience


- Digital signature

Digital signature support is a secure and effective technique for saving files and avoiding manual signature errors, which contributes to enhancing the level of control and transparency in the approval and signature processes of authorized persons.

- Sequence of approvals

Determine the sequence of actions and approvals necessary for the process of signing documents , which ensures that the correct steps are followed and approved by the relevant parties.

- Set permissions

Assigning a special permission to users allows them to sign certain documents according to specific procedures. This allows to determine who can participate in the signing processes in accordance with the established policies and procedures within the organization.

- Encoding of documents

Encoding each label or request with a sequential sequence or barcode contributes to finding an effective way to track the locations and statuses of orders at any moment. Sequential coding can enhance the processing speed of requests.

- Design of required and optional fields

This allows the system to be more flexible , and the required and optional fields can be selected based on the type of request to facilitate the effective input of information. In addition, additional fields can be added to record payment information, amounts and financial condition of the document.

- Instant notifications

When the order status is changed, an instant notification is sent. this notification facilitates tracking the progress of operations ,and enables interested parties to follow up on current actions, such as "submitted", "under review", or "completed".

- Archiving documents

Effectively store and organize documents for later use. An accurate record of documents and information can be maintained, making it easy to access and track accurately.

- Panel of order statuses

It enables users to centrally monitor and manage all orders and their stages. This panel allows a comprehensive look at the execution status of all submitted orders. Which helps in providing instant and simple information .

- Orders panel

A window that provides system users with a comprehensive view of all types of submitted requests, such as information about the total number of each type of request, with the possibility of easily uploading a new request.

- Integration with systems

The system is integrated and effectively connected with the financial accounts of users . With the provision of electronic documentation for unified entry.
Signature links can be sent to the phone or e-mail, which enhances the ease of use of the system.

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About Mana Apps

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Mana Apps offers intelligent management systems and solutions for various businesses, specially built to save time and effort and increase revenues and profits .

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