Medical warehouse management system.

The medical warehouse system is a vital system that enables health institutions to organize and manage the storage and distribution of medical materials and medicines accurately, from entry to departure.

This system aims to ensure the effective and safe availability of medical resources, which enhances operational capabilities, achieves an increase in productivity and reduces data entry effort, as the system allows daily tracking of all work units, focusing on sensitive details such as handling damaged products.


- Automation of warehouse operations

Automation of all processes, from the receipt of products within the warehouse to the stages of execution of delivery orders, which contributes to enhancing efficiency and speeding up inventory management processes.

- Integration with transport systems

The system integrates with a transport system such as DHL which facilitates shipping and distribution operations.
Through this integration, the benefit of high-quality logistics services provided by DHL is achieved.

- Integration with RSD.

This system is integrated with a RSD system, starting from the process of receiving medicines until they leave your warehouse, all operations are recorded automatically on a RSD system.

- Artificial intelligence in the medical warehouse management system .

Obtaining a forecast of future needs helps to avoid a shortage of inventory or excess storage, which leads to an improvement in the total cost of ownership. In addition, relying on intelligent guidance can support decision-making regarding suppliers, such as choosing the optimal supplier .


1-comprehensive control panel

Realizing a comprehensive view of warehouse operations (shipping orders, receiving orders, inventory transfer), this control panel contains all the processes that facilitate the satisfaction of various enterprise needs.

2-Different roles for users

Assign different permissions to users based on their roles, such as store administrators, medical technicians and others, making it easier for the system to determine who has access to certain types of medical materials or operations.

3- Flexibility

Configure the warehouse, operations, storage bases and units of measurement with ease, giving users great flexibility in adapting the system according to their needs.

4- Locations management

Manage warehouse locations if more than one warehouse has been configured with the location type displayed.

5-Create new processes

Configuring warehouse operations with the possibility of creating new types of operations such as receipts, delivery orders, returns, internal transfers.

6-Unlimited number of products in warehouses

Adding an unlimited number of products, which makes it possible to meet the diverse needs and desires of customers, with the possibility of linking a specific product to a specific supplier.

7. filters

Add filters and Group products by :
- Type of resource .
- Product name.
- Name of the supplier.
- Completion dates.

8- Create price requests automatically

Automate requests for quotations and purchase orders according to the minimum inventory, and automatically generate price requests when the stock forecast falls below the specified minimum, which contributes to ensuring the availability of resources . 

9-Add more than one discount

The possibility of adding more than one discount in quotation requests on the product (discount 1, discount 2, discount 3) with the total amount of discounts and its effect on the total amount and reflected on invoices . 

10-integration with systems

The system is integrated and effectively linked with invoices, purchases and sales for better coordination of operations .

Managing medical warehouses has become easier

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