Real estate management system

Mana Apps offers a property management and rental system that has been developed to help property owners and real estate agents organize and manage their property rental and management processes effectively. This system aims to simplify and systematize complex processes associated with real estate, making it easier for users to better track real estate, contracts and tenants

System sections


The reservation is made first, and then the sale is made later based on the reservation.


Renting a property and creating contracts online are among the available real estate options .


Property maintenance involves scheduling and performing regular and emergency maintenance work.

Property management system Features

Easily add property specifications

Easily add property facilities and specifications, as well as select various surrounding options such as airports, roads, schools, shopping centers and more. This helps you provide comprehensive information about the location in the area around the property.

Real estate statistics

Viewing all real estate related statistics, including total properties, available properties, booked properties, sold properties, and properties for sale, can give you accurate insight into managing your properties.


A comprehensive view of real estate in various charts, where you can browse based on the type of property, whether residential, commercial, industrial, or otherwise. The stages or cases of the property can also be displayed.


Property registration

Record comprehensive details about the properties available for rent and sale, including location, area, number of rooms, property address, property type (land-residential-commercial-industrial), year of construction, certificate number and other details.

Online lease agreement

Easily create leases via a user-friendly interface, you can quickly set up and customize leases according to your own needs.
In addition, we provide you with the function of uploading the contract agreement file, which facilitates the process of easily embedding your legal documents inside the contract

You can easily view all the leases on our system with tenant details, property type and lease term.

Document management

Easy to add property documents, such as bonds, safety certificates, license certificates and insurance certificates, of all kinds.
You can store all these important documents related to your property in one central place for easy access and management.

View units

The system provides the possibility of displaying all real estate units in one window of various types and conditions.

Create a reservation on the property :​
The possibility of creating a reservation on the property easily and conveniently, where you can choose the dates and duration you want to book on the property with a few clicks.

Managing brokers ' commissions :

Manage brokers ' commissions comprehensively, as you can determine the broker's accruals in multiple ways, whether it is a fixed amount or a percentage of the total rent. In addition, you can choose the type of mediation between one-time mediation or monthly mediation of the lease.

View selling units

View all units available for sale, including those that have been booked, as booking is the first step before the sale process.

Maintenance requests

The ability to add maintenance requests easily by entering the information of the maintenance officer and the maintenance team, whether internal or external. You can also specify the priority and type of maintenance, both corrective and preventive.

List of clients

A panel containing all customer information to facilitate communication with them and save their data. This panel provides you with easy and comprehensive access to the contact information of each client, as well as the possibility of adding brokers ' information.

View invoices :​

Our panel includes all online invoices related to rental contracts, showing the different payment statuses, whether fully paid, unpaid or partially paid. This enables you to track and manage the financial status of each contract accurately.

Property Rental and management

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About Mana Apps

A technology company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia , providing management systems solutions in various countries, and applying digital transformation plans to achieve better and flexible expansion and deployment of Corporate Services.

Mana Apps offers intelligent management systems and solutions for various businesses, specially built to save time and effort and increase revenues and profits .

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